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Branding Your Story | Commercial Photography

Connecting customers with your product or service starts with great branding imagery.

You’ve got your logo, your business cards and website are in the making. You’re now ready to hire that photographer to showcase your product or service. Pause there for a moment! Clear, well composed shots of your product are great, but do they tell a story that connects your potential customers with your product?

By building your brand story through imagery that your customers connect well with, not only sells your product! Executed effectively, your images  will assist building your branding identity and cement a long lasting relationship with your customers.

Want to see what I mean? Take a look at the image below. Despite the advert being a few years old now, I’m sure many of you can name the brand! (Leave your answers in the comments below.)


Name that brand!


How about this one?

As you can see creating a brand story through commercial photography is incredibly powerful. After all, this post wouldn’t be quite so attractive if I’d shown you these photographs first, would it?



So in true Blue Peter style, here’s one I made earlier!


Hot, hot, hot, spice!

This photograph connects the essence of the Hibiscus Lily products with the audience. At the same time as incorporating the brand name and a welcoming pair of hands, the channels  of communication are opened between customer and product. Product images like this allow the viewer to conjure up ideas and stories of their own, solidifying the branding connection.

What thoughts and ideas do you come up with when looking at this photograph? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

If you’re ready to start creating your brand story get in touch with our team. Not only do we produce pack shot, product photography but we can assist you in capturing those stories that connect your customers.


Kristina | Carrot Design Team

Countryside Hamper | Web Design

Last year we were approached by Amanda Thompson, a lady who was just starting out with her new business venture, Countryside Hamper. Amanda hand creates bespoke gift hampers full of yummy food and drink items. Based in the pretty village of Kings Walden, Hertfordshire, Countryside Hamper supplies bespoke hampers across Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire but as a start-up wanted to claim her piece of the online market.

This was a complete start-up project, so to begin with we designed the logo and accompanying stationary to get the Company profile out there and start getting the brand recognised. A logo, business cards, compliment slips and letter heads were created by our Carrot Graphic Designer.

The colour palette for this project was a very simple one; the use of leafy greens and creams was a natural choice for a hearty, countryside theme brand. The Stag, a symbol with strong ties to Hertfordshire gives the impression of a brand with longevity, leading the way, regal perhaps? ….Pure Hertfordshire!

Business stationary and logo designed by Carrot

Business stationary and logo designed by Carrot

Once the look of the brand was established, Countryside Hamper’s creator Amanda Thompson decided a door drop flyer marketing exercise would be next on the agenda. We designed a double sided flyer, split between another business Kings Walden Stores that would land through residents letter boxes with purpose.

We designed an A6 double sided flyer with a velvet finish, in keeping with the brand a velvet finish makes the leaflet feel a cut about the standard letter box literature that lands on our door mats.


Velvet A6 flyers designed by Carrot

With all the printed literature in place it was time to develop Countryside Hamper’s online presence and create an easy to navigate, quick to shop eCommerce website. There were three key elements to this project, content / copy, web design structure and product photographs. All of which, as an integrated design agency, Carrot could achieve.

We started by working with Amanda to list all the combinations of hampers and their contents, then discussing what was unique or exciting about this product so that later we could write the copy for the website.

A styled shoot was then organised on a beautiful summer afternoon to create life like set ups of the hampers in situ, picnics on a park bench, afternoon cream tea and picnics on the road with an old Jaguar!  This was my favourite part of the project, perhaps something to do with the cream tea scones and jam….?

lifestyle and product photoshoot by carrot

Lifestyle shoot of products complete with vintage Jag!

We then individually photographed each hamper and product so that a visual list could be featured on the website. Photographing chocolate, specialist nuts, wine, spirits, savoury snacks… that was a challenge. Not from a technical aspect, but from a foodaholic point of view, being surrounded by luxury food and drink and not allowed to eat it… was torture!

That aside once all the copy for the web pages was complete and the product photos edited, is was time to let Web Designer, David,  design a Google friendly, content optimised eCommerce website. And this is the end result… take a look around and let us know what you think.

countryside hamper ecommerce website designed by carrot

Countryside Hamper eCommerce website

This was a thoroughly enjoyable project and we loved the passion Amanda has for her product.

We love working with start-ups as you are able to watch them flourish from a modest concept through to a success. It’s what we are passionate about and where our heart is, people! Small businesses, sole traders and start ups, helping them design their brand from the ground up.


Graphic Designer | Carrot | St. Albans, Hertfordshire