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Social Media Campaign

One of the latest projects we have been working on is a set of image cards to be used for a social media campaign.

ND Personal Training approached Carrot last week to commission us to create a set of image cards and graphics for her latest Six Week Transformation, Online Fitness Program.

We created three campaign graphics, one to be used as a stand alone or accompaniment to her blog article.



One to be used with a PPC Facebook advertisement. (It’s useful to note that Facebook will only approve adverts with images that have less than 20% text within the graphic.) This image was designed with this in mind, and has been approved for Facebook advertising!


We also created a Facebook Cover image to draw the attention of passing trade on her Facebook business page.



The campaign went live at the weekend, you can check it out by clicking here.

If you have a social media campaign coming up that you need great graphics for, get in touch and we will be happy to brighten up your social media with eye catching graphics.

Carrot Team, St. Albans 



Adobe Voice – Creating Content Fast!

I’ve been having a play with Adobe Voice which is part of the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite today. It’s advertised that you can create quick video’s in minutes! It really does what it say’s on the tin, over a cup of coffee I managed to throw this quick video together.

What do you think? Can you see how this tool could be used for your business to create instant content to share on your website or social media channels?

Leave your feed below and let me know if and how you think this could help promote your business.


Kristina – Carrot Designer 

Social Media - Carrot - Design

Time Saving Social Media Tips

Do you ever get bogged down trying to keep up with your social media pages? Can’t find the time to publish all your blog posts or find your Facebook posts eating into your precious down time? Then try these simple social media hacks that will free you up to concentrate on other areas of your business.

Get Organised! 

For fear of teaching mother to suck eggs, we all need to hear this vital piece of advice occasionally. Being organised with your social media is imperative. Make collections of articles, quotes, images etc that you want to use on your pages and keep them in one place so that you can access them instantly. This may mean making a separate folder for your internet bookmarks, having a special file on your desk or using a cloud based file sharing facility that you can access anywhere and add to at any point.


Set aside time. 

Schedule weekly appointments with yourself to write your blog posts, Facebook status’s, Tweets etc completely distraction free. alarm-clock-590383_640


Schedule WordPress posts.

Use the scheduling facility within WordPress to publish your articles whenever you want. Use that weekly session to write your posts and then schedule them to publish throughout the week.




Schedule Facebook posts.

Facebook doesn’t make it obvious that there is a scheduling function for your page posts, but within the dropdown menu next to the Post button is the option to schedule. By selecting this you can decide on the date and time your post is made available to your audience.

Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 09.37.41 Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 09.38.06



Link your Instagram to Twitter and Facebook. 

If you post lots of pictures on Instagram, link your Twitter and Facebook accounts to your Instagram account to automatically publish across the three platforms at the same time.



Manage your accounts all in one place. 

For super multi-tasking, time saving, life hacking genius there are social media management packages such as Hootsuite! From within this one platform you can manage (nearly) all your social media accounts, schedule posts and publish across all your platforms. Saving you the hassle of logging into individual accounts and remembering lots of passwords! (That’s a time saver in itself.)

So there you go, a quick run down on some simple time savers when it comes to Social Media. Let me know if you try any of them or if you need assistance with your social media platforms get in touch with our team. 


Carrot Design Team