Branding Your Story | Commercial Photography

Connecting customers with your product or service starts with great branding imagery.

You’ve got your logo, your business cards and website are in the making. You’re now ready to hire that photographer to showcase your product or service. Pause there for a moment! Clear, well composed shots of your product are great, but do they tell a story that connects your potential customers with your product?

By building your brand story through imagery that your customers connect well with, not only sells your product! Executed effectively, your images  will assist building your branding identity and cement a long lasting relationship with your customers.

Want to see what I mean? Take a look at the image below. Despite the advert being a few years old now, I’m sure many of you can name the brand! (Leave your answers in the comments below.)


Name that brand!


How about this one?

As you can see creating a brand story through commercial photography is incredibly powerful. After all, this post wouldn’t be quite so attractive if I’d shown you these photographs first, would it?



So in true Blue Peter style, here’s one I made earlier!


Hot, hot, hot, spice!

This photograph connects the essence of the Hibiscus Lily products with the audience. At the same time as incorporating the brand name and a welcoming pair of hands, the channels  of communication are opened between customer and product. Product images like this allow the viewer to conjure up ideas and stories of their own, solidifying the branding connection.

What thoughts and ideas do you come up with when looking at this photograph? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

If you’re ready to start creating your brand story get in touch with our team. Not only do we produce pack shot, product photography but we can assist you in capturing those stories that connect your customers.


Kristina | Carrot Design Team